Trade with Strategico Capital Market and have a Segregated Account?

1. Register at Etana Custody through this Link: REGISTRATION

You will need with you a picture or a scanned copy of a Valid Passport or ID card and Utility bill not older than 3 months.

2. Make a deposit to your custody account To make a deposit you should add to your profile personal bank account details in order for the Custodian to accept your deposit and process your Withdrawals. To prove you are the bank account owner you will be asked to upload a bank letter or statement that shows – Your name and Bank account details. 

3. Accept the invitation from Strategico Capital Market Once you login to your custodian profile, you will see an invitation to trade with Strategico Market, accept it and instantly fund your venture account with the broker.

Do You Need Support ?

Support: In your profile you will find detailed Video tutorials that cover every step of the registration process and additional features that are available in your profile.

The platform is web-based and does not require any installation and can be accessed on PC and Mobile device. For more help you contact your account manager at Strategico Capital Market or directly reach out to Etana Custody (